ŻiguŻajgfestival launched – timesofmalta.com. Kids can use the following link to look for their art work: http://www.ziguzajg.org/findmyartwork/  

2014-10-10 09.55.49

The kids explored lines in Kandinsky’s art and how lines can be used to express feelings and sound. They then heard different sounds and created a drawing to express what they were hearing and the feelings provoked.


Check out November’s artist of the month…

2014-10-28 13.26.25

Year 4 created Picasso inspired faces showing different feelings…       

2014-10-29 11.09.40

Year 1 kids had a blast making these sculptures and the results were great!  


Visit http://www.ziguzajg.org/ for all the information about the Ziguzajg Art Festival 2014! All the children in the Gozo College Primary schools together with all the children in Malta’s Primary schools are participating in one of the projects in collaboration with Gozitan artist Austin Camilleri! So visit and find out more!!!! Let’s celebrate creativity! 


Take a look at the new artists for 2014-2015! September’s artist is… GRANDMA MOSES! (ANNA MARY MOSES) Can you guess why they call her ‘Grandma’ Moses? :-)  


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